Sagging skin refers to skin that appears droopy and has lost its elasticity and firmness.  This tends to occur with ageing and is accelerated by environmental circumstances (mainly sun damage), hormonal changes (mainly loss of oestrogen), and rapid weight loss.


It was once thought that gravitational pull of the skin on the face played a role in the development of sagging skin.  However, we now understand that it is loss of the underlying support structures of the skin which contributes most to sagging skin.  These underlying support structures normally provide volume to the skin and include collagen and elastin in the dermis and the underlying fat and bone.


Many patients seek advice and have treatments to halt the development or improve the appearance of sagging skin.  Although a surgical facelift can improve sagging skin considerably, this surgical modality is often chosen by patients that have profound age-related sagging of the skin or have tried many other treatments.  Some prefer to avoid surgical procedures altogether and seek non-surgical intervention.


At Melbourne Skin & Dermatology our dermatologists, cosmetic nurse and dermal therapist administer less invasive non-surgical modalities to improve the appearance of sagging skin. Treatments we offer to correct sagging skin;


These methods help improve the appearance of sagging skin in those that prefer less dramatic or subtle changes of the facial skin.

Consultations with our cosmetic nurse and dermal therapists are complimentary to the service provided at Melbourne Skin & Dermatology.

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