The word hyperhidrosis refers to excessive sweating. There are various types and causes for the condition. Commonly, dermatologists see patients with excessive sweating of the armpits, face, hands and feet. At times, blood tests and other investigations may be required to ensure that an underlying medical problem is not the cause of hyperhidrosis. Anxiety can often be associated with hyperhidrosis both in cause and effect.  Dermatologists at Melbourne Skin & Dermatology offer a variety of hyperhidrosis treatments.

Treatment options depend on the type, location and severity of the hyperhidrosis encountered. These include over-the-counter and prescription-strength antiperspirants, tablet medications, iontophoresis (a special water bath treatment) and superficial injections that paralyse sweat glands (muscle relaxant or anti-wrinkle injections).  Surgery is often the last resort and careful consideration should be made before committing to this.

Armpit / Underarm (Axillary) Sweating Injections



Dermatologists have had a significant role in the research that has gone behind injection treatments for hyperhidrosis. Most dermatologists have special training recognised by the Australasian College of Dermatologists to administer these injections.  When performed by one of our dermatologist, a Medicare rebate is available.  Treatments are very effective at reducing armpit sweating.  As a secondary effect, treatments also improve smelly armpits.

Excessive Sweating

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