Patient Focused Care

Our focus and loyalty is first and foremost to our patients. We believe in delivering high-quality and compassionate care and hold utmost respect for patients of all ages, gender and race. We ensure the best experience for our patients and provide individualised care because we understand that no two patients are alike. Melbourne Skin & Dermatology is also committed to ensuring you fully understand your skin condition, and our staff are always available to answer your questions. We thrive to always continue learning from our patients and be inspired by the challenges they may face. It is with this principle that we can help you enjoy great skin health and general wellness.


As a specialist medical centre, we maintain a highly professional environment to carry out our clinical care. We have utmost respect for you as well as your privacy and confidentiality. While we practice evidence-based medicine, we also appreciate the limitations of comprehensive medical studies to guide our treatments and are open to provide medical care based on solid scientific principles as well as those drawn from clinical experience. Importantly, our advice is always provided in the best interest of our patients.


Dermatologists are the peak medical specialty for the diagnosis and management of all skin, hair and nail problems. At Melbourne Skin & Dermatology, we are dedicated to ongoing professional development and education by way of engagement in national and international conferences and meetings. We maintain our knowledge and explore cutting-edge medicine by staying up to date with the latest research published in peer-reviewed journals. We invest in specialised equipment and devices to offer you the best possible standard of care.

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