A variety of different conditions can cause rashes and itchy skin. Eczema is by far the most common cause of itchy skin, but allergies to various compounds can cause a similar itchy rash. Other causes of itchy skin include medication reactions, fungal infections, scabies infestation, Grover’s disease, lichen planus and rarer conditions such as bullous pemphigoid. Patients that develop itchy skin without developing a rash need appropriate investigation. Xerosis, the medical term for dry skin, is often an exacerbating factor in itchy skin. Regular use of moisturisers, avoiding soaps and hot water (which strips natural, nourishing oils off the skin) are key to managing xerosis.

Note: We are unable to use the names specific medications due to strict regulations by the medical board. Information presented here is for reference only and should not be regarded as medical advice. Should you wish to receive specific advice, please see your GP or dermatologist.

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