Lili Lasic | Dermal Therapist

Lili Lasic | Dermal Therapist

Lili Lasic is a Dermal Therapist at Melbourne Skin & Dermatology.  She has a special interest in skin care and non-surgical cosmetic laser treatments.  Lili holds a Bachelor of Health Sciences, and has 14 years experience in the paramedical arena with a strong passion for everything skin.


Lili feels it is essential to treat each individual patient with care and respect.  She strives to tailor treatments to best suit their skin type and condition. Lili is committed to her patients and believes in combining rejuvenating in-clinic treatments with home care regimes to achieve the best possible outcome whilst ensuring patients feel comfortable and confident.

Specialist Skin Services

As an all-round specialist dermatology clinic, we work with our patients to achieve their goals and always maintain professional standards.

Lili Lasic

Dermal Therapist

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