Laser & Cosmetic Dermatology


The broad continuum between

medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatology

  • Dermatologists are amongst world leaders in the development of cosmetic and laser procedures
  • Many of the problems and disorders seen in dermatology are often harmless to our general health, but can cause distress because of their appearance
  • As a result, most dermatologists are accustomed to managing and advising on a variety of cosmetic concerns
  • Dermatologists are exposed to laser & cosmetic procedures during all years of speciality training and beyond



Changing Face

As we age, ultraviolet rays from the sun, hormonal changes and other medical conditions cause changes to our skin colour, texture and volume. Such changes include pigmentation problems, wrinkles, redness and loss of volume causing a deflated appearance. Whilst these natural changes are mostly embraced, it is respected that many seek to slow-down or reverse such changes. Many modalities are available to address these concerns and it’s best to discuss these by a consultation with us.

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